Skincare: phee-si-cally fit!

Sorry I’ve haven’t been posting, it’s been hectic to say at the least. Hectic to me means to not much going out and thus, no makeup! Summer has began here, too. It’s been really really hot. So I’m sort of in the mood for lighter bases (or maybe just moisturizer) but weirdly, I’m back with highly pigmented lips!

But let’s talk about that tomorrow, maybe.  Today I want to talk about fitness. Being fit (relatively anyway) is another skincare routine I’ve been doing quite often. I’ve been pretty lucky with my skin; I never really had breakouts until after college and even now get only the occasional hormonal zit (dammit). Even sans zit though, my skin always felt rather dull, that is, before I started doing physical activities, of the healthy kind.

A couple of years back I began longboarding (the skateboard variety); my first real attempt at anything physical. (I never had a sport! I don’t even know how to ride a bike!) It was good cardio but it sort of came with a not-so-healthy lifestyle. We’d start skating around 10PM and we’d often end the session at around 5am. In between these sessions there would be beer/rhum/whiskey of course, cigarette smoke, hands fixing wheels then wiping sweat off the forehead (sorry gross, I know, but you forget these things sometimes). When I began tattooing I skated less, with the fear of breaking a wrist or a finger.

Anyway, somewhere before skating and tattooing, I decided to be vegetarian and somewhere in there I discovered yoga and pilates. I was never one to really care about fitness before, and I certainly didn’t become vegetarian for the whole fitness aspect of it–it was my love for animals that did it, actually. But anyway, somehow I got to know of these ‘practices’ and well, got hooked.  (By the way, all these have sort of improved my surfing! If you’re into that, too, a combination of skating and yoga helps a lot.)

So yes, I just wanted to share with you my favorite online yogis and pilates person, just in case you wanted to try them. And in trying to connect this subject to this whole beauty blogging thing, I swear it clears the skin even more and makes my skin look more radiant, I suppose.  Even better is that good feeling I get after each session.

1. Sadie Nardini is the first instructor who really got me hooked on yoga.  I tried yoga a couple of times (in real studios, too) before and I never really ‘felt’ it until I found her. I always end sessions feeling amazed and grateful.  I love her meditations too.

2. Tara Stiles is a more ‘practical’ yogi, I believe.  She has  10, even 5-minute sessions that really work you out and plus it’s a good thing to know of these quick little yoga sessions when you feel like you have no time at all.

3. Blogilates is one of my later faves. Cassey Ho is hilarious, always full of energy but I swear she will kill every little ounce of fat you have on you. Haha! If you find yoga boring, this could be the one for you. It’s never boring I tell you, but it almost always hurts (in a good way). She comes up with really good eating and workout plans, too, if you’re up for that.

As long as I have these ladies on YouTube, I’m good to go. Are there any workout people/things/places I should know about? Oh and I hope you enjoy them!



6 thoughts on “Skincare: phee-si-cally fit!

  1. Thanks for the vids! Looking forward to trying them. I do yoga at home using vids, but it’s in my bucket list to try it in a studio (preferably in the Makati area), do you do yoga in a studio near the area? Pwede jumoin? 🙂 Hee.

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