Filmspiration: Reality Bites

Hi loves,

This is the first of this series, Filmspiration. Films have always inspired my ‘looks’; certain films have always motivated a lot of my makeup preferences and styles and I felt that it is necessary to start with a movie I watched randomly on HBO when I was in fourth grade.

That movie is Reality Bites. It automatically became my favorite then and it remains in my top movies til now. The fourth grade version of me wanted to look like Lelaina Pierce; disheveled but always lovely. I wanted the brown shade her hair was, I wanted that hair cut! I hate (and still do) combing my hair and she always looked pretty awesome with messy hair. (And so I did have my hair chopped and although I don’t have photos of me in my youth, this haircut became a staple in my life. I cut my hair short last year again, actually but I am currently in the process of growing it out yet again.)


The other thing I loved about Lelaina Pierce’s look (and Vickie Miner’s too) was the lips. Always the lips.

Lelaina would almost always be with matte lipstick and a rather clean face, a random shirt from her closet, jeans and a cigarette and out she went through the door.

To achieve the Lelaina Pierce look, I think these would be perfect:

1. A matte deep red or reddish brown lipstick, like these:

Nars Terre de Feu Matte Lipstick

Nars Fire Down Below Lipstick

2. Thick but natural looking eyebrows. Methinks eye brow shadow would look best for this.


3. SubtleΒ  brown eyeshadow (matte preferably), to spread just around the crease.Β  In the name of the 90s, I shall put down a Cover Girl eyeshadows!

4. Clear Skin!!! I’m going back to my youth and put down the facial wash I’ve used since gradeschool: Clean & Clear.

4. The hair—unwashed, uncombed. Possibly oily. For ‘cleaner’ results, maybe try dry shampoos.

It’s a rather minimalist look, I must say, but I loved it then, I continue to love it now.


10 thoughts on “Filmspiration: Reality Bites

  1. Great idea for a series! I love both your lipstick choices, though I find in pictures Terre de Feu shows up more berry at times. Fire Down Below would be perfect though πŸ˜€

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