Get Ready with Me or the “I-resist-to-feel-sick” look!

Hi guys, I’m feeling a little bit under the weather today–I don’t know what happened, I woke up in the middle of the night coughing and felt my throat sore. But I refuse to feel sick! (I don’t know about you, but whenever I don’t feel good I feel like I have to compensate by looking extra good. Haha) I drank some berocca, took a nice long hot shower, exfoliated my face with a face brush (I always feel like my face gets dry and splotchy whenever I’m not well), moisturized and ta-dah, getting ready in front of the camera (more like Photobooth, so I hope you don’t mind the crappy photos).

Photo on 2-28-13 at 3.30 PM

Freshly bathed with a stuffy nose, hello! I moisturized my face with Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer, then dabbed in some Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer becase I think is more moisturizing than my Bourjois Translucent Primer, which is mattifying. I don’t usually get dry spots on my face unless I’ve got the sniffles. THEN, I applied a pump and half of L’Oreal’s True Match Super Blendable Liquid Foundation in N7 (Nude Amber) with my fingers, starting from the nose area outwards.

Photo on 2-28-13 at 3.37 PM #2

Then, concealer. I used Missha’s Perfect concealer in Medium, which I found out about from An Artechoke (yay thanks). I dab it in rather than smear it all over, with my ring finger.

Photo on 2-28-13 at 3.44 PM

Then I contour. I used Dallas from Benefit, applied it using the E & 3 rule: apply the contour powder in a gentle 3 shape on the right side of your face, from your temples to your jawline.  Use an E shape on your left side. (I hope I explained that well. :D) Pinch your contouring brush so that it constitutes a thinner line and carefully, ever so gently contour the sides of your nose and under it.

Photo on 2-28-13 at 3.46 PM

Photo on 2-28-13 at 3.48 PM

I used my Stila Convertible Color Lip and Cheek cream in Lilium as my blush, as it is a lovely and natural-looking everyday mauve-y pink tone.  I used my ring finger to dot and blend it on my upper cheek area. I also blend it a bit onto the cheek area I just contoured.

Photo on 2-28-13 at 3.55 PM #3I used the Maybelline Masterbrow Eyebrow Pencil in this greyish taupe color, which fits me better now I think, because I dyed my hair darker.

Photo on 2-28-13 at 4.03 PM #3On my eyes, I used a gold/green shadow from an old elf quad called Ivy that I recently dug out of my makeup stash.  I applied it with my ring finger all over my lid then went back in again with a bit more product and concentrated on the outer v of my eyes. I highlighted my brow bone and my nose bridge with L’ Oreal’s Lumi Magique Highlighting Touch Up Pen which is honestly, so-so. I expected more from it, but I have it and I will use it.

Photo on 2-28-13 at 4.07 PM #3I lined my lower waterline with the Stila Smudge Crayon in Smoke, which is what I love doing now. I love this particular shade too. (BTW, if you’re interested in these smudge crayons, try to check out ‘Rose’, which is another shade I’m definitely going back for. It’s a light shimmery pink shade that’ll go lovely on the inner corners of your eyes as well as your waterline.)

Photo on 2-28-13 at 4.07 PM #2I used my favorite everyday mascara, the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara in 01 Extreme Black.

Ugh sorry if the lighting is weird, it gets that way when Photobooth captures the photo, in this weird flash-like manner.

Photo on 2-28-13 at 4.12 PM #4And then lastly, lipstick. I’m using the Shiseido Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte Lipstick in PK 224 yet again.  I dabbed it on my lips rather than smeared it straight from the tube.

So there, I feel better already! I hope you’re feeling better than I am!


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