Review: Covergirl Lip Perfection in 260 Heavenly

Hi lovelies, I am back from the beach and ready to finally give you (although I’ve been ready for a long time now, just haven’t found the time to do a proper post) a review on Covergirl Lip Perfection in 260 Heavenly.

This is my first Covergirl lipstick, actually, and I got it last December while ‘hanging out’ at the makeup section of my drugstore (as most of us makeup bloggers do). Wait, the first time I saw it, I was about to go in line at the checkout area in Watson’s and passed by the Covergirl stand which had all these lipsticks on sale.  I swatched one, I actually forget which shade that was, but I remember loving the formula. I was trying to be a good girl, and so I didn’t buy it.

Days after though, I found myself incessantly  thinking about these Lip Perfection lipsticks and gave in.  I was choosing between this shade, Heavenly, and a shade called Delish (a warm peachy shade). In the end I got Heavenly because I did a quick inventory of my lipstick shades and I realized that I didn’t have an ‘everyday pink’.


Packaging. Covergirl Lip Perfection lipsticks come in a sexy little chrome-ish tube, I love the feel of it. I most especially love that you see the actual shade of lipstick on the bottom part of the tube.

Formulation, Texture, Finish. Covergirl boasts these lippies to be “enriched with a silk moisturizing complex”, and that their formula aids in sustaining moisture levels and that these  “create soft, smooth, beautiful lips in just 7 days.”* This lipstick, although not a substitute for your lipbalm, is very moisturizing. I love the formulation and texture of this one, it glides on easily and is thus a breeze to apply.

*I even remember a time they challenged a number of other bloggers to use these lipsticks only for 7 days to see the difference in the moisture of their lips. Note to self: try this (d’oh, hopefully before doing a review! But we’re here now, soooo…)

It comes in a variety of finishes, from glossy to creamy to frosted.  The shade I got, heavenly, has a creamy finish to it.

Staying Power. This aspect is very important to me, I’d hate to keep reapplying my lipstick throughout the day. This lasts about four hours on my lips and then it leaves a stain, which I love.  A couple of vloggers, FleurdeForce for one, disliked this ‘feature’, the staining of the lips. But I’m personally all for it, it gives the product a new other dimension. So I guess, if you’re not into ‘stains’ then you probably won’t like this one. I do like this a lot.

Shades. Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipsticks come in a loooot of shades (45 shades, I believe) divided in five categories: (1) the Runway Shades from Pat McGrath (where I got Heavenly from), (2) Pinks to Roses, (3) Lilacs/Mauves/ Burgundies, (4) Nudes/Corals/Reds, (5) Brown.

Price. This retails for only Php395. An absolute winner.

Heavenly is a neutral, comfortable everyday pink if I may say so myself. I feel like it is neither cool nor warm toned and could suit most skin tones. (BTW, please try to disregard the blue green swatch, it’s another product review waiting to happen.) Like I said, it glides on easily as it is creamy and has a long staying power. Swatches below are from only 1 swipe from the tube.

cg-3 cg-5

Honestly, this has been my go-to daily lipstick. I’ve been wearing it almost nonstop for my daily duties, to the grocery, to a quick meeting, to grab some dinner. I’ve actually compiled quite a number of Photobooth WIILT (what I look like today) photos with me wearing this:

Photo on 1-28-13 at 1.55 PM #6Photo on 2-19-13 at 4.17 PM #3Photo on 12-22-12 at 3.40 PM #3

And here’s one with a decent camera.person

So in summary, I highly recommend this baby. I will definitely repurchase and explore the other shades because there are a ton of them. So if you’re on the lookout for a good lipstick with a good price and formula, please try this one. I la la love it. 🙂

Have you tried other shades? Which do you think is a good one to try out next?


10 thoughts on “Review: Covergirl Lip Perfection in 260 Heavenly

  1. I have this, and about 6 other shades, I keep meaning to swatch for my own blog, but haven’t gotten around to. I love how creamy and opaque they are. Personally I
    Ike the staining aspect, since it means I can get lazy and not have to reapply.

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