To the beach again!

Lately it’s been hectic, really hectic, but I’m not complaining because I get the awesomest projects. (Thank you, universe!) Oh and thank you blog post scheduling options, too.

I got asked to style a video shoot the other day and I am beyond glad that the shooting dates didn’t collide with my other schedules because, it’s a video shoot at the beach, yay! We’re going to be shooting a video in Boracay, too, and with good friends. Fun times! So here are some beauty related stuff I’m going to be bringing with me to the beach, some of them I figured, are worth noting more than the others because I love them so.

1. The usual sunblocks–one for the face, one for the body.  For the face I use Etude House’s Sun Prise, and for the body I use a Banana Boat one. Sunblocks are definite must-have, of course.

2. A travel sized bottle of Avene Eau Thermal Spring Water because I know it’s going to be really sunny and hot.

3. My travel size Eco Tool brush set, which has a baby kabuki brush (I like this one a lot), a blush brush, a standard eyeshadow brush and a smudging brush.

4. Maybelline Baby Lips in Energizing Citrus.

5. Missha Perfect Concealer, which I have been using everyday since I bought it.

6. That Garnier eye rolling thing that doesn’t necessarily work but I like how it feels.

7. I feel like I took a quick pause from talking about these babies but here I go again: Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain and I’m bringing Smitten with me, because I’m out of the Honey shade and I can’t find it anywhere and that makes me sorta sad but I like this one a lot too! (If you do find a local place with Honey please please please let me know, I love you, thank you!)


8.  The L’oreal Lucent Magique Illuminating Highlighter pen, because it brightens my under eye area and is a highlighter, too. The fact that it’s a pen makes it perfect for traveling.tothe-3

9. A tiny little baby tweezer! This one is from now defunct Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit; I saved this little thing from the kit’s demise.


10. I feel like I don’t talk about this too much but I should! Because this is a holy grail product for me. It’s my favorite cheek trio: Benefit’s Powder Time Lover which I bought ages ago and still use all the friggin’ time. It’s everything you will ever need for your cheeks (I still wonder why I purchase other cheek things when I have this, but then, as you might already know, makeup is addictive). It has Dallas, a lovely matte contouring powder. It has Dandelion, a “brightening pink powder” and I absolutely love this shade, it makes for a lovely natural blush, and it has the famous Coralista, a coral-pink cheek powder (which will make you look even more awesome when you get tan).  It also has a little brush which I use on occasion. This has, and continues to, last me a long time.

tothe-5 tothe-7

11. Despite having raved about the Powder Time Lover trio being all you will ever need for your cheeks, I am still bringing my Stila Convertible Color in Lilium. It’s a cheek and lip product, and I’m all for multiple-use products, especially for travel. I use this more on my cheeks than on my lips though because I found that this shade on my lips can make me look a little washed out.  On the cheeks though, this is gorgeous.  It gives a dewy natural tea rose-ish finish.

tothe-8 tothe-9

12. My little Stila Smudge Eye Stick in Smoke, which I have been using almost everyday since I bought it. It’s a lovely, handy little thing that’s easy to apply and in a color I adore.  This can be my eyeshadow as well as my eye liner. Plus, it lasts a loooong time.tothe-10

13. The Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Ex is something I’ve been loving recently.  I try not to use it everyday though because I don’t want to run out of it.  But whenever I leave this on my face at night, I wake up with refreshed, moisturized skin.


14. Ooh number 14–because guess what! I finally know what I’ll be doing tomorrow, on Valentine’s Day! I’ll be getting a new tattoo, yay! I’m sooo excited. And because of that, I’ll be bring this After Inked tattoo moisturizer and aftercare lotion. Honestly I haven’t tried this before but this was a gift to me and it’s a Vegan product, so I’m all for it.  (Also, it is not advisable to go to the beach a day after getting a tattoo, but but but, this is such a fun job, I can’t refuse.)tothe-12

15. Demeter’s Baby Powder Cologne Spray is my everyday scent and I have a hard time parting with it.  It’s the perfume that honestly smells like baby powder.tothe-13

16. Zen zest’s Tea Tree Oil because I’ve observed that I always get tiny baby zits when I’m at the beach.


So there, how’s your pre-Valentine, Valentine, post-Valentine looking? Hope you have fun times. 🙂


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