New favorite makeup videos

Since my first post on my favorite vloggers, I’ve ventured out to watching other ones (mainly because I think I’ve watched almost all my favorite vloggers’ posts already. Yes, I found that the time to do that.)

A new favorite of mine, although already is a staple of the beauty vlogging watching world, is Wayne Goss. He is concise and easy-to-follow and I will believe almost anything he says. He makes the seemingly complicated makeup tricks easy. He comes up with the most wonderful tips, and I love him. He seems sweet, too. Here’s one tip from him I’ve been loving lately:

This one I literally just found today, from a makeup artist named Charlotte Tilbury, and event though this is the only video I’ve watched from her,I love love love the tutorial and the look! Ah, I must do this. Everyday. If I can.

And, finally, ChelseaWears. I can’t believe I just found her because this girl is hi-la-rious. I love her a lot now. And she curses a lot like me, so I can totally relate. Haha. And I love her looks.

So there. Hah. I love you too, Youtube. 🙂 Any new vlogger favorites?


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