The Valentine Face: a prelude to getting it on I hope!

So it’s Valentine’s in a couple of days and honestly, I don’t know how I’ll be spending it yet (because I dislike any holiday traffic, or traffic at all), but if I do end up going out, here are a couple of looks I’d like to try out. Maybe you’d like to, too?

1. The “I just got out of bed but I already look hot” look–which is trickier than it seems, I think. I know that it actually takes a lot of makeup to look this natural, this dewy, this effortless. I like the defined but bushy brows though, and how dewy her skin looks.

2. A sultry bohemian look, which I think is a fancier version of the first one. I feel like it’s all about staring into each others’ eyes and all that. I think I really love this one. And not just for Valentine’s either.

3. A very romantic, all dolled up look, which is nice but would be even nicer if I do end up going somewhere fancy. This makeup calls for a fancy place, don’t you think?

4. I think I’m pretty much in love with the model, her look–the new romantic. Isn’t she gorgeous? Anyway, this look is all about thick eyebrows, wine tinted lips and clear skin.

5. Ethereal eyes, bold lips.  I’m not so much into bright pink lipsticks, but this just reels you in, doesn’t it?

6. The wildcard: if I end up spending V-day with my ladies! 🙂 Strong eyes, a very casual face.

Which look do you like best? Oh and what are you doing on Valentines, if you’re into that whole deal? Let me know!

All these photos, by the way, are from Pinterest! If lurk there like I do, please add me up!


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