Haul: affordable Landmark goodies

Ahh another little haul, but it’s only stuff from Landmark so it’s good, all good. I always enjoy exploring Landmark, they have pretty awesome makeup and shoe selections! (By the way, Primadonna is pretty much my favorite local shoe brand and they have a little stall on the 2nd floor!) I had to purchase something work related around the area and how could I not pass by Landmark? The best thing about casual, spontaneous hauls in Landmark is that I never feel guilty after, and I credit that to their prices.

Let’s start with the most affordable one, Purity Cotton Pads, only Php29.75 for 40 square pads.


I needed a conditioner and figured I should try this Syoss one; I’ve never tried this one before, I presume it’s new in the market. This one is only Php90 for 190 ml.


Landmark has a good, affordable selection of makeup brushes. I picked this Julia foundation brush up for around Php120 (I forget how much really, but this seems to be a good approximation).


Another new brand I’m trying out: Shawill. Honestly, the brand name sort of ticks me off. Say it with me: Sha-will. But I’ve been seeing this brand for a while now and I’ve read a couple of decent reviews on the brand and well, this blush here is only Php158 and I found a shade that piqued my interest so here we go.


Lastly, something I just read from An Artechoke, the Missha Perfect Concealer which cost me only Php399.lhh-19

First impressions and/or actual reviews to follow! šŸ™‚ Have you tried any of these? Please let me know. šŸ™‚


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