Watson’s Purchases of the Week, just two things, I promise!


Ah, finally. I feel like I’m starting to be really good friends with L’Oreal, a brand I never really used to mind. It all started with their Super Blendable Foundation, and now , their Lucent Magique Liquid Light Touch-Up Pen, only Php545.

hh-7 The Lucent Magique Touch-up Pen is very fancy looking, I like. It looks similar, but not identical to the YSL Touche Eclat Highlighter (which I don’t own but have seen photos of and swatched). Actually, I’ve read a couple of reviews that deemed the Lucent Magique pen to be a dupe of the YSL one. I don’t know about that one because I’ve never really used the YSL one, but if that is the case, then good.

L’Oreal claims that it can correct “the 5 main areas for a luminated end-look: (1) prep lids before eyeshadow, (2) smooth over under eye area, (3) around corners of the nose, (4) trace on fine expression lines, (5) contour around lip line.” All of these claims/purposes, I shall try soon. I’m mostly exciting about it luminating my under eye, which is often a problem area for me. I always feel like I have dark under eyes.

hh-8hh-9 hh-10

The applicator is a brush tip; to squeeze out the product, rotate the thingie on the tip of the pen.  By the way, it comes in only two shades I believe (or at least here in the Philippines): Fair (which had a pink undertone) and Light (which I got, has a yellow undertone).

hh-11Here it is swatched on my rather dry hands. I can’t give first impressions yet, but a review will have to wait!

The other thing I got is a Marionnaud No.38 Slanted Eyeline & Eyebrows Double Sided Brush for only about Php79, I think. Marionnaud brushes have never really disappointed me and I highly approve of their prices! Good quality made affordable and easy to purchase (they’re sold in Watsons’ and SM Department Stores nationwide).

hh-3hh-4hh-5 hh-6


2 thoughts on “Watson’s Purchases of the Week, just two things, I promise!

  1. The best way to cover dark under eyes is with a peachy/orange concealer! Or, what you can do is mix a tiny bit of yellow correcting concealer with your foundation – yellow will help to cancel out the purple/blue under the eyes! I use an illuminator afterwards – but darkness is such a friggin’ pain…

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