A review: Etude House’s Proof 10 Eye Primer

etu-2A shift has come. I was once a ‘lipstick kinda gal’–I’d swipe on a vivid lip color, reds and corals mostly, and I’m out the door.  Lately though, I’ve been finding myself jonesing for subdued lipsticks.  Nudes and light pinks, stuff I never would’ve really gone for three years ago. Maybe it’s my age or maybe it’s something I shouldn’t read too deep into, just a shift or an addition to preferences, that is all. Now that I am embracing this new-found attraction to delicate lip colors, I find that playing with eyeshadow suddenly comes with this territory. And so, with the Philippine weather and all, I found it imperative to purchase an eye primer.

The Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer is only Php298.  It comes in a rather petite bottle with an unnecessarily long  wand–you’d think with its box and all it’d be bigger, but you get .35 ounces.

etu-3Please excuse my veiny hands and the lipstick swatch on the right (for a very late review), but this is how this primer goes. It does smell very plastic-ky, but only when you smell the container.

In terms of eyeshadow ‘longevity’, I’m pretty sure its performance does not exceed other good primers. It’s just as good. It does intensify eyeshadow pigmentation though, and I love it. Here’s a photo of when I swatched eyeshadows with and without the primer.

etu-swatchOn the left you’ll see the eyeshadow lightly swatched without primer, on the right, eyeshadow swatched equally as light but with primer. A big difference, I must say.  I smudged these swatches after a couple of minutes and the primed area did not budge.

So yeah, if you’re looking for an affordable eye primer, this little guy here should be your guy.  I tried those ELF primers and those didn’t work at all for me.

Random realization, it’s February?! And the fourth day at that! Where’d January go?


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