Outtakes from the Sting Photoshoot

Yesterday was super fun. We did a photo shoot for our all female tattooer exhibit we call ‘Sting’ (opening night’s on Feb 20 at Kanto Gallery at The Collective, Makati y’allllll, but I still have to design the poster hahaha). I knew about only 3 girls (out of the 13) before we all had exhibit  ‘meetings’.  Turns out they’re all really sweet and lovely and nice and fun to be with, and I can’t say anything but good things about these ladies. (Honestly, you’d think that with this whole lot of ladies there would be cattiness but there wasn’t at all.) I love that our local tattoo scene is turning out to be a sisterly one, and I love that I now have girl friends I can talk to about machines and ink and supplies at the same time talk about makeup with. How fun is that?

We actually got to really know each other in the bathroom, while dressing up and putting our makeup on (i.e. exchanging makeup recommendations, trying out each others’ stash and by stash I mean makeup, fixing each others’ hair into those roll things I don’t know what you call them, exchanging favorite tricks we learn from youtube).

Anyway, yesterday we were shot by the talented Kevin Cayuca for a tea party slash pin-up inspired shoot.  Here are some outtakes.


Photo from Mia’s instagrammmm


The Sting ladies, after the shoot, all packed up and ready to smoke go. 🙂


Photo from Nina! 🙂

So there, good times. 🙂


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