Freshly scored bargains.

So I was at the mall the other day ‘researching’ for a new project (sigh, I love it when new projects require me to ‘research’ in malls, I always feel so productive!), when I suddenly found myself inside the SM Beauty Department yet again. (Does that ever happen to you? It happens to me a lot these days.)

I got the cutest red flatforms too! At 50% off! Yay.

Anyway. I don’t feel too bad anymore about wandering into the beauty department, because I scored bargains! Seriously, bargains!

First thing I got is something that I’ve been really meaning to try because I have seen this all my life! At my grandma’s vanity, to be more precise.  It seems like every woman in the 70s to 80s used this brand (in the Philippines anyway): KOKURYU. My friend B swears by their cake foundations, and I think I remember my mom and aunts using those too! And I possibly may have won a beauty pageant way back in the day using aforementioned foundations–I had a go to makeup guy. Moving on from that, here’s what I got:

freshThe Kokuryu Face Powder, Php174, is 50 grams strong! Yes maam, 50 grams for only Php174 (that’s like $4 or something).

fresh-2I love the packaging, the patterns on the side and those golden asterisks on top, I love it. It’s very vintage-y, something that would look nice on your boudoir, if you have one. By the way, they have other stuff with good packaging, too, but this felt like the safest thing to try. I forgot to take a photo of the inside, but with it comes a nice big cream powder puff (Wayne Goss absolutely loves applying powder with these things, so I’m all for that).

fresh-3The BUTT of the package announces the claim that it creates a “transparent look” effect (aka not powdery at all, which I like and I hope they deliver). “It blends so naturally…will not change the shade of your make-up foundation a bit and, it stays on for hours.”

That we will see.

It sorta smells like grandma but you see, this is exactly the product my grandma used! And I love her so much, so smelling like her gives me warmth and comfort. 🙂

I hate that it contains Methylparaben though. 😦 I forgot to check on that detail. I’ll let you know soon about whether or not this big tub o’ powder here lives up to its promise.

fresh-4The other thing I saw made me literally go ‘Squee!’ and well, a sales person looked at me. I can’t believe I went ‘Squee!’. It’s just that I finally found an affordable medium sized bottle of Argan Oil and at a very convenient place! (Watson’s at the SM Beauty Department Store, if you were wondering.) And at the best possible time, too! I just consumed the last few drops of my Argan Oil Body & Thairapy (yes, that’s how they spelled it, the puns!) bottle the other day and was slightly freaking out. Argan Oil is the only thing that really tames my hair, and on the side, moisturizes my skin too! That particular brand is Php1450 and I get it at the day spa I go to, and I loooove it.  It doesn’t go on oily, despite it being an ‘oil’. It had a subtle scent too. So anyway, I love that I found this FX Moroccan Moisture Miracle Argan Oil for only Php399. I don’t know if I can use this on my face though, as it is clearly presented to be a hair product. Even so, I love that my hair will be happy again. Off the bat, first impressions: this one does not have a subtle scent, it is much stronger than the past one I used but I actually like the scent. It kinda smells like those Johnson&Johnson baby shampoos, the yellow ones. Kinda. Kinda. I used a drop or two and my hair and it isn’t greasy, yay. Will let you know how it goes, for sure!


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