The Masterbrow

So my Wet ‘n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit died on me. I found it on the floor, the darker shade (the one that I don’t use at all) crumbled and smeared all over the wax.  It probably rebelled against me, that’s what I get for not using that shade. But I loved the lighter brown shade better.

I wanted to pick up the K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyebrow Liner but I just had to step inside a drugstore first and so I forgot all about it. Instead, I got this one:


Hideous photo, sorry. And you can see the brown smudge on the white table c/o the now defunct WnW Brow Kit.  This is the Maybelline Masterbrow Liner, only Php359 at Watson’s.


It is an automatic liner (yay no sharpening needed) with an oval tip.  The package suggests that the narrow edge be used for lining while the wide edge for shading. The only shade available at that time was a taupe brown color, which I like a lot. I don’t really know if they have other shades though.

wnwbrow-4You see how subtle it is when swatched and I was worried about this but it turns out, this subtlety is a good thing.  I’ve been so used to wearing brow powders + wax which makes my eyebrows pop, not literally! But I now know what ladies mean when they say that sometimes all you need to highlight are your brows. Anyway, these powders did accentuate my brows well, but at the same time I think it really did make me look like hey, I have makeup on my brows, come see! Do you get my drift? Haha. The Masterbrow liner, on the other hand, with its formulation and its shade makes my eyebrows seem naturally fuller (which I love).  Natural being the keyword.  I like that it isn’t heavily pigmented (and maybe this is the only product that I’ll like as not heavily pigmented) because it gives you time to build up your eyebrow look, it gives you time to build it in slowly…which I think creates the natural effect. It gives me a more ‘Asian’ feel as if I’m not Asian enough. Or maybe ‘oriental’ is a better word. It’s actually making me start to consider dyeing my hair shades darker, to blend into the whole ‘oriental’ vibe, which is probably crazy, planning to change an entire look just because I really like one particular product. But I guess that does sound a lot like me. :p


4 thoughts on “The Masterbrow

  1. Cool review! I mostly don’t think about my brows and just leave them without lining or trimming lah. Good to know there are products like this. 🙂
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