A review: Too Cool for School’s Marshmallow Puff or any blending sponge for that matter


Here’s a concise version of my review: GET IT.

If you want a relatively  more detailed review though, I shall do so. I’ve always wanted to get a beauty blender but I cannot for the life of me, justify a sponge that costs that much. So when I saw this product at Too Cool For School, which, when roughly calculated (because I forget the actual price), goes for around Php283 (or around $6.90). Now that is a price I am amenable to.

Anyway, a couple of days after purchasing this, I stumbled onto one of gossmakeupartist’s videos that pointed out the similarities between the beauty blender and this product (or any other beauty blender dupes).  He raved about this blending sponge! Now you’ll notice in the video that he does mention a different source for his blending sponge, but that one and this one are one and the same. There’s a thing called private labeling, which he discusses in another of his videos wherein he says, and I quote: “Private labelling is typically a product produced by one company for offer under another company’s label or brand.” So basically, the blending sponge with this shape is produced by one producer and is bought by many other companies and repackaged! Therefore, their performance should all be alike.  Locally, I’ve seen some sold at Etude House which they call a Baby Doll Puff for Php378.

Very cute packaging, yes! But it’s exactly like the one I bought from Too Cool. 🙂

Anyway. This blends my foundation like a dream. It makes everything appear natural and even. It makes me look like I don’t have makeup on but in a good way!

What I do is (1) I dot and spread foundation on key areas of my face (forehead, cheeks, nose, chin) and (2) bounce and/or pat a damp blending sponge over the area til it looks even.

It’s so good I haven’t used my brushes since I started using this. I found that I can effectively contour using this, too!


Poking Princess Leia.


The cheapest and equally effective to way to clean this little baby is to wet it and rub it onto a good clean bar of soap.  Repeat the process until water that is squeezed out of it runs clear.

So anyway, back to my first statement: GET IT.




9 thoughts on “A review: Too Cool for School’s Marshmallow Puff or any blending sponge for that matter

  1. I’ve had this and it worked fine for me…. until I bought Real Technique’s sponge! You should give it a try. It really is a dupe for the BB and the price tag won’t hurt your pocket. The Marshmallow Puff feels like a stone on my face now, haha.

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