From the unicorns: ruby red slipper lips.

Friends, I present to you, Lime Crime’s Carousel Gloss in Candy Apple.

IMG_9094IMG_9096IMG_9097IMG_9098Last month, a bunch of my friends and I group-hoarded Lime Crime stuff from this online store. It’s a rare thing, that my ladies and I buy makeup together, so I picked up one thing (only! Waah but I’ll let you know why that is the sad, sad case). I wish I knew/heard of Lime Crime when I was younger–the color choices are always playful and needless to say, highly pigmented–stuff I don’t necessarily go for nowadays, and to be honest, I’m not even one to shy away from color! I like bold reds and corals and plums, but these Lime Crime goodies certainly test my love for highly pigmented color (neon greens and light blues and silvers!). Most of the stuff in their website, I seriously would’ve gone for when I was in my early 20s.

The first thing I wanted to order was this lipstick called Poisonberry, a “deliciously dangerous berry-purple with a violet glow. Same intense coverage, new lustruous sheen! This shade combines lipstick and lipstain for prolonged wear.” It was sold out, though.

The other was the Blue Milk Eyeliner, which I honestly couldn’t justify spending on because well, where would I wear it? I am a freelancer and I usually work at home and the makeup that I already have are stuff that I can very well picture using anywhere. Or maybe I’m just getting older. Haha.

The third thing I had my eyes on were these Velvetines, a matte gloss! I forget if I was into Red Velvet or Suedeberry.  In any case, I decided against ordering these because I read some reviews and they were mostly negative ones. Also, I still have my eye on the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in either Beso or Fiery. Since I love my Patina one a lot, I figured why not go back to that line.

And so, the last thing that caught my eye were these Carousel Glosses.  There was like a Serpent Green one, an icy blue one, but I was sooo into the red one called Candy Apple. I also don’t have a gloss, so this product seemed to fit the bill.  This is a photo of the gloss on (supposedly nude) lips from the website:

Let us see how it fares with my lips, using only the applicator that comes with–because, well, if I use this with me to go out (for parties, let’s say), I don’t think I want to bring my lip brush, or any other brush, with me. Because. I’d just like to party. Anyway, here’s the product in all its glory: 3.5g/ 0.12 ounces, smells slightly of vanilla and is a vegan product (yay!).

IMG_9099IMG_9100 IMG_9101

Its applicator comes in a short and rather stiff brush form–I certainly am not used to this kind of applicator, and I can say hereon that this, what you’re about to witness, isn’t the best application of  lip product ever and I blame this little buddy here! And my lack of experience with it.

carousel-glossOk, I started with lining my lips with lip liner.  I used the Nichido Lip Pencil in LP04 Rosette here. (I’m starting to love this shade by the way, maybe I will wear just this product on my lips next time.) Also, if you’ve noticed, my nail polish is just about to be gone now, when just a couple of photos up, you’ll see they were freshly applied. I notice this too, but I don’t have any nail polish remover with me. Huhu.

carousel-gloss2I also never noticed how crooked my lips were before. Haha, these closeup photos reveal so much about yourself.

carousel-gloss3The upper half of my lips with the first application of the product, wherein I dabbed the product in (and oh so gently) with my finger.  The lower half with the second layer of the product, this time applied with the stiff brush that came with the tube.  As you can see, it’s a mess.

carousel-gloss5This is the third attempt to apply the product as precise and as evenly as possible using its brush. Sorry for the yellow light, this was applied in the bathroom this time. An improvement, yes, but still not most precise.

carousel-gloss6Me with lightning eyes! That is me with just the product on my lips and nothing on my face but moisturizer. Glossy and red and sparkly (though not too visible in the photo–but it really does contain a lot of red glitter) yes, but it still doesn’t look as luscious as the one in the lime crime website…maybe I should’ve put in dark red lipstick as my base first.

carousel-gloss9I found that the Carousel Gloss stained my lips, and depending on your preference, this may or may not be a good thing.  I actually like that it stained my lips because I don’t expect that much of a gloss to stick around too long. So having a stain beneath that glitter is good, so that it fades ‘with dignity’; at least you’re left with a good color, I think.  This is the stain it left on my lips:


The photo doesn’t quite show it, but if you look closely, you’ll see some remaining red glitter on my lips.

All in all, and despite my problems with its applicator (Boo no. 1), I can still pretty much say it’s a fun product (Yay no. 1). It’s a novelty thing, this one. I won’t say you have to have it. I do think it’ll be fun to use for photoshoots and videos, though (Yay no. 2). And perhaps this’ll fare better if applied with more professional tools (Yay no. 3); its applicator wasn’t much help. For going out though (for parties or a gig), I can just see this as a hassle. I just know it’ll smear on every beer bottle, every glass, every coffee cup (Boo no. 2). I just know it’ll go to my hair if I go dancing (Boo no. 3). And when all that happens, I’d have to deal with applicator to reapply (Boo again no. 4). Despite all the Boos though, and I know I made it sound like it was such a draaaaaag, I guess it’ll look awesome if you don’t plan to party with it like I did, haha. I have to take note to try it with a dark red lipstick base next time, maybe then I’ll get it to look like the one in their website. Oh and also I got it for only Php600 because my friends and I bought stuff in bulk.  I know it’s a little bit more expensive than that in retail, but it isn’t too expensive. So I guess…I have mixed reactions. I’m sorry if this post isn’t helping you too much, but I definitely see the cons of the product but at the same time I really, really still want to play with it. Sort of like that guy you shouldn’t be seeing anymore but find yourself having fun with. Haha. *crazy eyes*


6 thoughts on “From the unicorns: ruby red slipper lips.

  1. Ugh, I keep missing out on Lime Crime’s relaunches of certain products – it really pisses me off! I want them to make Velvetines in more neutral colors…considering the fact that I’m a boy and only really wear nudes/neutrals, ahaha!

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