Showering my lips with love and affection.


I’ve been meaning to buy lip scrubs since December; my lips normally get chapped around this time of the year but hey, last December was probably one of the warmest Decembers in the Philippines so there wasn’t much need for this. And then I had that trip to Hong Kong.  It was really cold and my lips were chapped like crazy and I couldn’t find a Lush store near where I stayed. Anyway, the other day I finally stumbled onto a Lush store in one of those rare moments I was at the Alabang Town Center and picked up a little lip scrub jar for myself.

And it was awesome because it was on sale, 50% off!


From Php495 I got it at Php247.50.


Let this post be a prelude to my next product review (hint: a lip product that unicorn-cute!).  Here’s how I shower my lips with love and affection:


1. I brush my teeth! I don’t know, I always feel weird if I don’t brush my teeth first before doing anything on my lips, i.e. put lipstick on. (P.s., the sparkly swatch on my hand is another clue to the next review! I obviously did this post in conjuncture with that one.)


2. After brushing teeth, I lightly brush my lips with the wet toothbrush in a circular motion.  I do this with a very, very light hand. I also feel that this stimulates the…blood vessels or something (haha I might be wrong about this part), because my lips always look more alive after doing this.  I’ve always had the palest lips (which might explain my long time love affair with highly pigmented lipsticks–although I am really getting into nudes now), and I’ve noticed a big difference in my natural lip color since I started doing this step.

sweetlips63. I massage the lip scrub in a circular motion, and gently, on the lips.  This exfoliates and takes off dry skin.

sweetlips74. The best part! I just lick off the sugar lip scrub after exfoliating! Yum.

sweetlips85. I moisturize my lips with lip balm.  I don’t have a favorite lip balm yet, but right now I am using Burt’s Bees Sun Protecting Lip Balm and/or the Etude Kissful Lip Balm in Peach. What’s your favorite lip balm?

Anyway, I do this mostly at night, before I sleep.  I try to do this at least three times a week. Voila, baby smooth lips! If you find yourself having trouble with lipsticks at all, if you find that most lipsticks cake up your lips, try this, because I certainly had problems like that before.


2 thoughts on “Showering my lips with love and affection.

  1. Awesome! Thanks for the review. I picked up Sara Happ’s on sale, but I can’t afford another pot haha! Been eyeing this scrub from Lush for a while, so yay. I like Sara Happ’s The Lip Slip but again, it is so expensive D: Carmex is something affordable that works the best for me.

    • it’s funny that i’ve never tried carmex! 🙂 and i havent tried sara happ’s too. get the lush lip scrub while it’s on sale! haha the other variant on sale is the popcorn one, which has salt naman. this sweetlips one is vanilla flavored e. 🙂

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