Favorite Vloggers

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely addicted to watching Beauty Vlogs on Youtube.  This addiction started last year, when trying to research about those Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains (I’m such a geek when it comes to these things…or maybe not just these things, maybe even in general! I feel like I always have to do thorough research on a particular product before eventually purchasing it, which I guess is a good thing right?). Anyway, before that I tried reading so many blogs but then I found Youtube folk more entertaining, it’s like, having a friend right there with you, telling you how things go. Haha am I sad? But really, I enjoy vlogs now and here are a couple of womenfolk whose Vlogs I love, just in case you’re on the lookout to get inspired. Anyway, enjoy!


She has a blog, too.  She’s funny and she always plays good music and she likes to travel. I also think she looks like Emma Stone, who I love.


Another funny woman, yet again. But she does have really helpful tutorials and she almost always uses drugstore makeup, thus, makeup I can relate to. I also always love her unboxing series.

Andrea’s Choice!

Andrea’sChoice is hot. I love that she’s in yoooo face and not prissy haha.


This girl is heeee-larious! And lovely. And thrifty! She always prefers  non-expensive makeup and always ends up looking mighty damn hot. Video quality is not always good but I like her attitude anyway.


I’m sure you’ve heard of Jen Im…have you? You should watch her.  Her videos are always in good taste and quality, she always puts in good music.  She’s amazing at putting outfits together;  I love her earlier videos when she was still doing this with her friend Sara–they’d go to thrift shops and put together all these nice looks.  Anyway, she’s probably my most favorite among the bunch, even if she does beauty-related stuff only on occasion. Kids of today. 🙂

If you’ve noticed a pattern, I like watching women who have a strong sense of personality, who are funny and don’t take themselves to seriously. Humor is your best bet! Who are you watching? Let me know! 🙂


20 thoughts on “Favorite Vloggers

    • It’s good to be that way – why shell out money on something that’s not effective. I always go through ingredients listings before I purchase a product…and ask a lot of questions. People at Sephora/department stores hate me (but it’s not my fault they’re really poorly trained)!

      • I’ve totally given up on Sephora and ulta clerks. They’re poorly trained and only tell you their latest sales push sales pitch. You can tell when the Clinique or Exuviance lady just visited. Some of them are really nice, but don’t trust them to find you the best value!

      • Yeah, seriously – I used to work for Clinique…WORST company ever! They haven’t changed their formulas in 50 years – and they believe “if they don’t need it, they’re still going to buy it”. Needless to say I left that company within a month and moved on to MUCH better things, ahaha!

      • Haha really? Where do you work now? I just did a review on Clinique Acne Solution vs Paula’s Choice Clear because I’m switching after finding out more about the ingredients and being frustrated with the performance.

      • I work for Visage Cosmetics – it’s like…a “face spa” here in Canada. The company itself is starting to change a lot of the services/makeup – it’s exciting! I love our skincare – we get most of it from a lab called EmerginC…and I friggin’ LOVE their stuff!

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