Hong Kong Day 3

On the third day in HK, we took a semi-break from going all around together.  He went to look for his vinyl records, I went around and went to Sasa, Colour Lovers and Bourjois. Haha.  I only got a few things though because I was really, really poor by this time (the day before we went around Central and then went to Mongkok…if you’re interested at all about that, I blogged about it here.)

But anyway, here are the few things that I got:


Avene Eau Thermal Spring Water, because I don’t have a decent facial mist.  I was choosing between this one and the Evian one, but I don’t think I see this one a lot in the PH (or maybe I just don’t look in the right places?), so I picked this one.

dw14 dw15This one, I’m really excited about.  I’ve read/watched good things about Bourjois’ foundations and concealers, but I never really read about this particular primer.  When I tested it in the store though, I just right about fell in love. I’ve only used about two primers before this, the first one a VOV one, the other Laura Mercier.  I think I love this one a lot.  A review will follow, for sure!

dw16 dw17I bought this La Suffren concealer on a whim, I don’t know why. It did blend smoothly though and I figured I could use this for ‘perfecting’ my eyebrow and lip makeup (it is a stick-type thing).  It’s a German brand, I believe.  If you’ve ever used this, please do let me know if it’s any good. 🙂

dw18 dw19I actually didn’t know H&M had a makeup line! But yes, I got this blue green liquid eyeliner (there was a gold one I was curious about too) and when I tested it on the back of my hand, it stayed put seconds after I swatched it! Definitely long-wearing, I think. I may have a problem with the brush though–I’m not the best in terms of applying eyeliner, I usually just stick to felt-tip types or that three-throng thing I talk so much about. Let’s see though, I have yet to use this. Wish me luck!

Oh and before I forget, I got a freebie from my Shiseido purchase, I forget if I included this in my last post. It’s this one:


A sample size of Shiseido’s While Lucent Brightening Protective Emulsion with SPF 15.  I haven’t used it; I have a beach wedding to attend to next month and I think that’ll be the perfect time to try this little thing.

Anyway, that’s about it, I think. Will come back for reviews! Oh and a new thing I ordered last month that finally arrived! Heehee.


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