Hong Kong Haul Day 2: the coveted has been coveted!

dw6Dear friends, I present to you, the Shiseido Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte Lipstick in PK224 Sugar Babe. I was raving about how much I wanted this in a post last December, and I finally got it in HK and I felt a fuzzy surge of calm tinted with sporadic bursts of excitement. You can count this as a mini-review, I guess, and it is only so because although I swatch it on the back of my hand in this post, you will find no closeup photos of my lips wearing it because I was not in my natural setting. I used it the whole time in HK after purchasing it but my lips were no where near its natural state.  Read: my lips were chapped like crazy despite constant exfoliation and moisturizing.  Also read: I am, and my body isn’t, used to cold weather.  Thus, the other half of this review, I shall tender to you when I am in my natural habitat: the tropics. Part one of the review, Shiseido Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte Lipstick in PK22 Sugar Babe in cold cold weather.

Let’s get on with the photos.



The Shiseido website describes this sexy little product as one with “…delicate, soft color. Ultra-smooth and moisturizing application. Velvety, matte texture envelops lips in a natural, semi-transparent color. Moisturizing, long-lasting formula.” It is also dermatologist-tested. The packaging is sleek although I was disappointed that it wasn’t the same material as the tester tubes, which featured a matte velvety finish that felt like how the lipstick is.  The tester tubes do actually come in “glowing matte” tubes if that makes any sense.  Other than that though, no complains with the packaging.  The lipstick comes in a sturdy and sleek looking tube.

dw10It goes on sheer and creamy with a rather matte finish.  I feel like it is true to its ‘glowing matte’ title.  It is sheer but not shiny, matte but not dry. The photo above is taken with slightly harsher lighting while the photo below was taken with softer lighting.  As you can see, it a blush, a whisper, if you will, of color.  Very delicate, and I think, very sophisticated. It’s a quiet colour, methinks, and again I am unsure if that made sense. If you did get my point, high five.


I feel like it looks like exactly like Holly Golightly’s lipstick, especially in this scene (which is one of my favorite looks from her–the part where she just meets Paul Varjak, she had just been woken up and looks effortless beautiful anyway):

I tried to emulate this look before with the Wet & Wild’s 903C Just Peachy matte lipstick, and I finish it off by dusting powder lightly on my lips.  Try this trick, if you have time.  If you’ve ever wondered how some magazine beauty editorials achieve certain matte looks, it’s that method they use. (I promise I read/watched it somewhere, this awesome makeup artist swears by it but oh god, my memory fails me. But I have certainly used it many times since.)

Back to the lipstick.

dw9Here it is, the bullet on the tube. Below are rather awkward, seemingly emotional but freezing photos of me wearing the lipstick for two different days.

hkd2-103 hkd3-16 hkd3-24

If you noticed, I’m basically using the same makeup for these two consecutive days: Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturizer with SPF 15, Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer, Etude House Goodbye Trouble BB Cream, Wet & Wild Ultimate Brow Kit in Ash, Wet & Wild Color Icon Trio in Walking on Eggshells (I used only the ‘crease’ shade, a lovely medium/chestnut brown shade all over my lids), Wet & Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Princess, Etude Drawing Show Dot Eyeliner, and of course, the Shiseido Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte Lipstick in PK224.  Midway through the day I apply some Burts’ Bees unscented, untinted lip balm on my lips.

Despite the cold weather though, the lipstick went on smoothly on my lips. That is because I always try to exfoliate my lips (at least brush off dead lip skin with my toothbrush after brushing) and put on heavy lip moisturiser at night before sleeping.  If you can get your hands on a lip scrub, even better.  Without these rituals though, I fear the lipstick may fall in between the little cracks and crevices on your lips.  Exfoliation and moisturizing is a must with this lipstick!…At least it is for cold weather.  I am currently testing it out now that I am back in Manila, will update you about how it goes on here. (Although I sort of believe there will be minimal results, but you’ll never know.)

I got it for HK$222, but I believe it is sold for about Php1350 here.  This particular formulation has only four shades though: Whisper (a wearable dusty rose), Wink (a brown shade which I didn’t even swatch), Coral Glow (which looks likea conservative red shade to me and I was interested in that too) and this shade is called Sugar Babe.

I actually love this lipstick a lot and I haven’t found myself reaching for another lipstick just yet. I would definitely consider repurchasing this unless a cheaper dupe (not only color-wise but consistency-wise) comes out!


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