Hong Kong Day 1: Too Cool for School

I first read about Too Cool for School in Tatin’s blog. She was pretty pleased with the products and the packaging alone was enough to win me over. I tried looking for their products in the Sasa website but their choices were limited (and also, I didn’t see any of their products in the actual store), so I was delighted to see a little Too Cool for School Pop up shop in a mall way up along Diamond Hill, near the Chi Lin Nunnery and the Nan Lian Garden.


Cute packaging design by Hatori Sando! I’m in loooove.

After what seemed like forever in the shop (it was the hardest thing, trying to pick out what to get amidst everything that looked so good and I knew so little about–I wasn’t able to do sufficient research on the stuff), I first picked the Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion Luminizer/ Highlighter in  Baby Pink Clam because I knew I had to get something from this particular line.  The dinosaurs are too hard to resist. I tried out some concealers and eyeliners but the texture of the concealers didn’t appeal to me, and the eyeliners seemed poorly pigmented and is easily smudged. This luminizer/highlighter was most interesting.

hk17hk18hk19 hk20hk26 hk27


Baby Pink Clam, despite the name, lies on the yellow/gold side.  It is supposed to bring out a “healthy skin effect” whereas the other shade, called Mother of Pearl, is supposed to brighten. I tried this out a couple of times in HK but I have yet to give it a decent review.  Will definitely update you ladies on this soon, for sure. This is from the Too Cool for School website:

If you’re interested at all about Hatori Sando’s works, click here.

Sadly, the only other thing I was able to purchase is the Marshmallow Puff, their version of the Beauty Blender. I wasn’t able to see another Too Cool for School shop again;  I would’ve wanted to go back for other products but I guess I’ll have to try ordering online.  I found a multiply shop that sells Too Cool for School stuff! They are called ShoppingClothGirlz. I have yet to find a local multiply shop that does so.


Wait! I also got another thing but it doesn’t count as makeup.  They had cute stickers, and this was the last impulse purchase in the shop. Please do let me know if you recommend something from this brand! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Hong Kong Day 1: Too Cool for School

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  2. Have you visited their store at Mall of Asia? Their eyelashes are crazy inexpensive. Though I don’t know how much their markup is. The box of individual lashes were only Php 195

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