To an unsmotable 2013!

Celebrating the new year in a new place is, perhaps, a good sign of things to come.  Starting out the year differently definitely reflects my willingness…nay, need, to live the whole year in a different tone, a different genre, a different perspective.  All, hopefully, in a good way.

So ladies and gents, here’s to an ‘unsmotable’ 2013! My lifestyle/beauty/fashion resolutions for the new year:

1. As the post title suggests, to BE UNSMOTABLE.  That Girls’ character Jessa obviously is a big reference in this post and I absolutely agree with her quasi popular statement.  Let’s live life unapologetically, loves! Let’s love, laugh..and not let anyone (unworthy anyway) hurt us.

2. Maintain an awesome skin care routine and hopefully have skin as amazing as hers.

Karla Deras


3. Stop being too lazy to dress up! Therefore, dress up! And hopefully, well!  All these clothes must not be put to waste, stop making excuses for dressing up lazily (e.g. ‘it’s too hot to dress up!’ or ‘it’s just a close friends’ party, everybody will be chill’). Haha seriously, I need to use most of my clothes…and this leads me to:

4. Style icons/images for the year aka ‘inspirations for being the woman I want to be/look like ho ho ho’

Holly Golightly forever! Her style, those cheekbones, her effortlessness, that lipstick.

Jemima Kirke as Jessa. Unapologetically herself. In real life, she’s pretty awesome too. She’s a visual artist slash mom of two.

Her style! I love. This kimono, I love.

Flowy comfortable pants. Sigh.

5. And lastly, even if just listed pegs above (because I really think that they are women to look up to, and that resolutions are mostly about improving yourself), I promise to always be most comfortable being exactly me.

What are your resolutions for 2013?


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