Review: Etude House Drawing Show Dot Eyeliner

I have heard and seen good things about the Too Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool in blogs and on YouTube. The thing of it is, we don’t have Too Faced Stores here in the PH. I saw one multiply site that sold it, but I actually want to test/swatch it out first, before actually buying it because it is kinda pricey–for me, I’m cheap slash poor. (I think online shopping, for cosmetics anyway, is best for repurchases. But that’s just me. I’m not too big on online shopping unless I’ve actually tried the product before.) So none for me until I test it out.

I was at the mall the other day and I stumbled onto Etude House, a favorite Korean beauty brand of mine. And then I saw this:

(Photo from the interwebbbssss)
The Drawing Show Dot Eyeliner, only Php498. It claims to “conveniently produce smooth, clean lines for stark definition.” I must say a pretty good dupe for this Too Faced one, eh?  The TooFaced one I would cost me around Php900-1,000. (I actually can’t say it’s a dupe yet without trying the TooFaced version.)

(Photo from here.)

So anyway, I bought the Etude House one and immediately tried it out. A couple of points:
1. This was a lot of fun. I bet you don’t hear that a lot regarding eyeliners!

2. I found that it was too…watery at first. But I remember I felt this same way about my Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen (which is now my favorite eyeliner, by the way). Maybe it’ll be less runny in time? I hope, I hope.

3. It isn’t as heavily pigmented as my Revlon one.

4. The pigment stays in between  the little cracks of your skin, at least it does when I swatch it on my hand. (Well maybe this means I need to invest in good hand cream, hmm.)

5. It isn’t as easy to apply as it seemed. The TooFaced 3-Way Lining Tool has a couple of suggestions for application, like so:

(From here.)
So that’s exactly the technique I used. I must say I need more practice using it though.

6. It doesn’t say it is waterproof and so it did smudge a bit. To be fair, I went out to party and I was dancing all night, so smudging is to be expected. Despite the faint smudging, it went on pretty well, I still had complete eyeliner on by the end of the night/early morning. (I also put on eye primer before doing my eye makeup.)

So this is how it went.


Overall, I think I like it! I need some practice in maneuvering it, but I’ve always needed practice with my eye lining abilities anyway. It’s very affordable and it stays on a good deal. It is a go! Just remember to prime your lids though! Kiss kiss hug hug big hug small hug.


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