Skincare Routine

Hello. I present to thee, my daily skincare products/routine of sorts.


1. When I get up in the morning, I wash my face for two reasons: the first to wake me up, the second, to wash away last night’s moisturizer. I use Liquid Neutrogena’s Pure Mild Facial Cleanser. However, I do alternate this with the Clean and Clear Deep Action Cleanser (which I have been using since I was in high school, by the way) and Cetaphil.

2. Twice or thrice a week, depending on how dirty my week has been (haha), I scrub my face with the Ocean Salt Facial Scrub from Lush. I love this. I’m about to run out of the product and I’m freaking out. (However, I’m starting to wonder if I should go back to the St. Ives Scrubs, I’ve seen other variants of those pots lately.) This is incredible, my face always feels squeaky clean and radiant after using this. I recommend adding a drop or two of water on it when using for the face though, there really are big grains of salt in here. Another thing I love about it is that’s it’s awesome for the body too.

3. After bathing, I slather on Sunprise 3 Proof SPF 50+ from Etude House. We all need sun protection, people!!! Honestly, any other facial sunscreen will do. Slather onto your body as well.

4. I moisturize with the Olay Total Effects Day Cream—something I’ve been using since I stole my mom’s bottle back in high school. I think it works pretty well, it doesn’t feel too heavy and I can’t complain about how it works. Also, I want to look like Angel Aquino someday. Haha.

5. At night, I take off my makeup with the Happy Teatime Milk Tea Cream Cleanser from Etude House. Sadly, it does not smell like Milk Tea. It does the job, though. I dot the cream on my forehead, nose, (carefully on the) eyelids, cheeks, chin and rub it in gently. I wipe everything off with a cotton pad. I repeat until my face is clean from all of the day’s makeup and pollution. This is definitely like Pond’s Cold Cream—I don’t see this anymore anywhere in Manila. This comes in a huuuuge pot though, so I’m guessing this will last me a long, long time.

6. A couple of times a month, when I’m feeling stressed or feeling dull or generally not so good, I try to rejuvenate my skin with masks and clays. I just recently finished up something from Etude House, it was Moistfull something. But anyway, in the picture you’ll see a Cherry Tonic Mask, a Fudge Chocolate self-heating clay, a Lioele one (which I got for free), and another one which I forget. I’m not really loyal to a particular mask or clay, I try to switch things around. The point is, treat yo’ self! Treat your skin to very good things a couple of times a month.

7. Before I go to sleep, I take out my Moroccan Argan Oil (this particular one I get at the Nail-a-holics salon). The raves about this one are all true! Definitely in my holy grail. I use it as my night moisturizer. A pump of the product will do well on the face and I also put it on my hair. I swear you’ll wake up with really smooth skin and happy hair. There’s another thing I’ve been trying out lately, too. A cheaper version of Moroccan Argan Oil, methinks. It’s the Egyptian Magic Cream. It has totally different ingredients in it, but I am positive they work equally well on me. The all purpose cream turns to oil when you rub it in between your palms or fingers and I smooth it on my face and all the other parts you want moisturized.

8. I do not have a toner! I just realized this now. Any awesome toners you recommend?


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