I have a confession

I have a confession, just in case you didn’t know: I’m pretty much so into makeup right now. I was a couple of years ago, when a friend introduced me to these wonderful, prettifying things. I even took on makeup jobs quite a bit, for a couple of music videos and photo shoots. Eventually though, this fascination with makeup faded (I still wore some makeup, but wasn’t geekily into it anymore–not like, well, not like how I think I am now) and this leads us to now. Or to be precise, this year. I stumbled onto it again. It all started when I needed to find the right foundation for a beach wedding I had to go to and I didn’t know which products were out anymore and what new products were out there. So I researched and I thank the google and youtube gods and bloggers and they have ultimately, ultimately helped me with informed decisions.

So, anyway. Here I am, so many blogs read, so many youtube videos watched, and now I think I finally want to write about it, so that you, my potential reader and hopefully future friend, would find me of service (somehow) towards your beauty needs, woes and questions.The thing is, I’m alllll mostly about drugstore finds, haha, (a) because I can be cheap, (b) uhh the economy, and (c) well I’m a freelancer, ok, and life can be hard–haha, but I still want to look presentable, if not pretty.

I think I’ve rambled on too much before presenting my first and main point: MY FAVORITE DRUGSTORE PRODUCTS aka the things that I absolutely must have and are woohoo, very very affordable.


1. My makeup bag, a gift from my good friend, Dy. 🙂

2. What I call my lola balm–eep sorry this is non-beauty (D’oh!) related but this is something I purchase every single time I’m at Sonya’s Garden. It’s called ‘Healing in a Jar’ and I basically need it to save my life when I get migraines.

3. The Ultimate Brow Kit from Wet ‘n Wild. Less than 300Php, I believe and it comes with tweezers, a nice little applicator, a mirror, two brown shades and wax.  I have it in 963 Ash Brown.

4. This one I just got days ago and I already love it, it’s yet another Wet ‘n Wild product, it’s the Coloricon Bronzer in 741A Princess. Php299! There’s a matte one which I believe is called Goddess. This shade I have is not too shimmery though, I think it’s just the right amount of sheen. (Note to self, do a post on why I’m suddenly into bronzers. I thought it was just me but apparently a lot of people went through the same predicament as me. Haha.)

5. Ahh, my long time friend, my go-to red lipstick:Revlon Matte Lipstick in Really Red.It’s a dark red that I’ve fallen in love with, and it stays on for a very very long time. I forgot how much this costs but I’m pretty sure it’s not expensive at all.

6. My favorite nude lipstick: 903C from Wet ‘n Wild. I think it’s called Just Peachy or something to that effect.  I find that it’s the perfect nude shade for me, not too nude (the type that makes you look….dead)–it’s just the right amount of desaturated peach. And I love anything peachy. Oh and also, it stays on your pucker a loooong time, I kid you not. It is also very creamy and easy to apply (I actually like this one better than the peachy nude one I bought from Revlon–that one sucked, actually). The price, I forget, but it is Wet ‘n Wild, so I can assure you of its affordability.

7. Probably my most favorite lip products of the year: Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains! I cannot rave enough about these things, and I’m sure you’ve heard/read/watched good reviews about these, too. They have a plethora of lovely shades and are easy to apply.  The first come of like lip balms and end up as stains, which seriously stay put! If you wait a good twenty minutes or so after applying them, you’d find that they don’t even transfer on to glasses and mugs when you drink! I am amazed and equally in love. Oh I have the shades (a) 030 smitten, which is a lovely berry shade that is definitely buildable, meaning it can go from berry to a rather vampy mulberry shade, and (b) 010 darling, which is purplish on the stick but it goes on a nice light pinky-lavender on the lips and dries out to be a “your lips but better” shade. At least that’s what this color does to my lips. Oh and this goes for Php575.

8. The Garnier Light Brightening Roll On. This one, I only included because I simply like the feel of a silver rolling ball caressing my always tired eyes, haha. I definitely don’t see much of a difference when I use it though, but I just wanted to be honest here, it is always in my makeup bag even if I don’t see good results. Around Php200, I think. I might be wrong.

9. The Surprise Stick Concealer from Etude House. I normally don’t go for stick concealers (I like the ones that come in pots) but this one is really creamy and it does blend well.  The only thing is that I think it only comes in two shades, this one is natural and the other is light beige. Php328.

10. Goodbye Trouble BB Magic Cream from Etude House. Php 598. I read a good review about by Musingsofamuse–this is one of her favorite BB creams– and so I purchased it and this is the one I used in the beach wedding I mentioned earlier. It’s pretty light and good for everyday use if you want to, doesn’t cast a grey tone on me (as most BB creams do), has a hygienic pump thing and is good to take with you on travels.

11. An awesome discovery of the year, too: the Egyptian Magic Cream. I noticed it the first time at Watsons because I thought the packaging/branding was hilariously ugly.  You know what I mean? Ugly in a good, quirky way.  Ugly that’ll make you wonder why it’s out there and getting rave reviews.  Kind of like the reverse psychology in branding. Anyway, I’m rambling on. It costs almost 700Php though, but it is a multipurpose all organic balm–basically, everything I want in a good product. I use it as my night cream and moisturizer for the face, the elbows, the knees, on scars. Sometimes I even use it on hair frizz. It’s like, the cheaper Argan oil alternative for me.

12. Ah, the much talked about Wet ‘n Wild Color icon eyeshadow trio. I have it in 380B Walking on Eggshells. Each shade in the trio comes with a specially engraved suggestion for application: eyelid, crease, browbone…which you can opt to use or not, of course.   These colors are awesome for everyday wear and they go on smoothly, velvety and are highly pigmented. I forget how much they cost again.

13. L.A. Colors Mineral Pressed Powder in MP303 Creamy Natural</b>. Another confession, I wasn’t much of a pressed powder person lady (I always assumed I didn’t need it…until I saw photos of me with a rather greasy face. Eep. I concede, I need it.), so this is my baby step towards achieving that. It feels velvety. I apply it with a big brush rather than the sponge it comes with.

So there. I have a couple of other posts I want to put up soon and hopefully you enjoyed this one! La dee da!


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